Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking Spring, cont'd......

The greenhouses are starting to fill up with plants and the plants that are in the greenhouses are quickly filling out their containers.
 Above picture shows some plant liners.  These will get used in hanging baskets.  The below picture shows some of the seedlings that we sowed in January.  Another couple weeks and we will transplant them.

 Blue hydrangeas are coloring up nicely.
 Geraniums in six in pots. They are looking super!
 Easter Lilies.... the moving target crop.  This is a difficult crop to grow because Easter doesn't fall on the same date each year.  Since it is a bulb crop, the timing of these plants is critical.  You have to monitor this crop daily and sometimes hourly.  Once the buds swell to a creamy white color, it is time to ship them.
 This is a close up of the blue hydrangeas.  I love that color!