Sunday, July 30, 2023

Mioux Florist's 2023 Ball Field Day ..... I really need to post more than once a year...

 Yes, it is that time where I add some pictures to this blog.  I will try to do better and show more of the happenings around the greenhouse and stores.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from our 2023 visit to The Gardens at Ball Horticulture.

The middle is a nice treat.

I wish I had more patience with macros... 

Beginning of perennials ... Mioux will have more next year.

Way way way over-exposed... but it is a good one

These make me smile....  and hopefully you.

Veronica... I like using these in cut flower arrangements

Nice blue flower... thistle.

The Petchoa is a really cool interspecific cross

I know I know this picture sucks.  

These were after a rain so don't judge to harsh

Potted veggies for the Gen ???  
They lost me after millenials.

Ignore... wrong camera settings.  

Better exposure... 

Ball research loves begonias.

Isn't that the truth. 


This is a really bright white clear and clean white.

Yep.. we will be getting this one for 2024

Succulents and petunias??? 
Why not!

These are on my radar screen for '24

When IN Chicago.....


That grass looks like it would hold 
up to our IL State Rte 127 winds.


Ball and Field Grown Cut Flowers., YES.

Portulaca and other stuff.  
Portulaca is coming back.

Probably a 1000 lb pot.  

Notice the complimentary pot color and plant scheme.

The Gardens...

Pretty cool phote, eh?

this too.


how would you like to work here
and take your lunch breaks under those trees?

This made me say  WT....?  
The flowes are smaller than a dime.

Echinacea and Rudbeckia cross?  cool.

Cypress and Swiss 
cypress grass and swiss chard. 

Great example of the sun's effect
on chlorophyll production.

Who wants this as your backyard?

In Carlyle, Breese or Greenville??? 

Just another day in the garden

ha ha... in 1975 this view would have been filled 
with all beds of different cultivars. 
so boring but scientific.  
and yes, I have been walking around 
this area for almost 50 years.

Thank you for taking time to look.